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How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Cool in Summer

Posted: August 19, 2020

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Artificial turf mimics grass in almost every way. It looks the same, feels the same — but requires just a fraction of the upkeep.

It’s true that artificial grass can get hotter than regular grass, but a few simple tricks will reduce the temperature back to a comfortable level. Read this article to enjoy your grass all through the summer.

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How to keep artificial grass cool before installation

Not all artificial grass will reach the same temperatures. Artificial grass which is poorly installed or installed without heat protection will suffer from heat far more than its professionally-installed counterpart. To ensure your artificial grass is comfortable to use all year round, make sure you choose experienced and reputable installers.

Artificial grass experts can provide a range of materials and infill options to reduce surface temperature in hot weather. These options include:

  • Lighter coloured grass
  • Lighter coloured infill
  • Non-rubber infills
  • Installation in shaded areas
  • Specialised heat-reducing infills, such as Easigrass’ EasiZeo infill

A combination of, strategic location, lighter-coloured grass and heat-resistant infills will keep surface temperatures down during those (rare) periods of British summer sun.

How to keep artificial grass cool after installation

If your artificial grass is already installed, try the following to reduce surface temperatures:

  • Use shade cloths to cover your grass and block direct sunlight.
  • Buy some new plants or plant some new trees to provide shade to your artificial grass.
  • Use a retractable awning to cast shade on demand.
  • Use a garden hose or sprinkler system to cool your artificial lawn.
  • Add a sand infill to your artificial grass. Sand dissipates heat and also weighs the grass down to protect the artificial fibres.

Easigrass EasiZeo

Easigrass EasiZeo is a revolutionary infill available exclusively to Easigrass customers in the UK. Developed from 100% organic volcanic ash minerals, EasiZeo cools individual fibres, significantly reducing temperatures to natural levels.

In addition, Easigrass EasiZeo reduces odour buildup, neutralises pet urine and stabilises fibres, making it the perfect choice for pet owners. As the safest and most effective alternative to crystalline silica sand artificial grass infill, Easigrass EasiZeo is a must-have for all artificial garden owners.

To add Easigrass EasiZeo to your artificial garden, or to start your installation with the country’s leading artificial grass experts, contact the Easigrass Devon team today. We are an award-winning supplier and installer of artificial gardens and artificial grass products. Constantly innovating, we offer the most advanced technologies in our artificial grass, making our products some of the most realistic and versatile fake grass anywhere in the world.

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