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General FAQs
Is artificial grass safe for children?

Yes. Artificial grass is safe and durable in all weather. It isn’t slippery when wet and will quickly dry up after a downpour. The grass and filler is harmless if accidentally eaten. Plus, you can also add a shock pad base for extra cushioning.

Can I put garden furniture on artificial grass?

Yes. The artificial grass should not suffer any lasting damage from garden furniture. However, you should avoid using a BBQ directly on your artificial lawn, as this could melt the grass. Use your BBQ on the patio instead.

How long does artificial grass last?

All our grass products are predicted to last around 20 years or more – of course, this depends on the amount and type of traffic they withstand on a daily basis. Easigrass products come with an 8 year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Maintenance FAQs
Should I be concerned about weeds growing?

No. Easigrass installs a specific geotextile membrane sheet that prevents weeds from growing.

Do you offer a maintenance service and how often will I need it?

Artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance but will still require occasional maintenance throughout the year. We offer a comprehensive maintenance service which involves cleaning the grass, removing any debris and refilling infill. We recommend your artificial grass is serviced at least once a year.

Will artificial grass rot decking?

No. Artificial grass will not rot decking provided your decking was correctly installed and applied with a finish that protects it from the elements. It is actually advantageous to place garden decking on artificial grass, due to its ability to drain moisture quickly and prevent weeds from growing.

How do you clean artificial grass?

The beauty of our artificial grass is that it requires very little maintenance to look good and perform well. Only occasionally will it need a bit of TLC to keep it looking its best. A quick hose down can keep it clean and fresh, and you can also brush it to combat flattening and give it a bit more oomph. It’s also advised to remove leaves and debris from the grass during the autumn months. For more detailed information, simply ask our friendly experts for advice.

Installation FAQs
How long does artificial grass take to lay and can I fit it myself?

It takes approximately one day to lay 50 square metres of artificial grass. We don’t recommend you fit the artificial grass yourself. Use our professionally trained installation team to guarantee the best results.

Does the size and shape of my garden matter?

No. Artificial grass can be cut and installed to any shape or size.

Can I install artificial grass on top of my existing lawn?

We don’t recommend laying artificial grass on top of an existing lawn. The best option would be to remove the natural grass, prep the surface and then install the artificial grass. However, artificial grass can be laid on a variety of surfaces, including soil, concrete, tarmac and pavement. It can even be installed on roof terraces and balconies!

Pets FAQs
Is artificial grass suitable for pets?

Yes. Easigrass has a range of products specifically designed for pets. It’s soft on paws but remains durable and long lasting. Pets can roll, skip and play without getting muddy, meaning no more dirty paw prints in your home. Plus, the fibres have been designed to prevent moisture retention, so you won’t notice a buildup of unpleasant urine odour.

Does artificial grass get too hot in summer?

Your artificial grass may get hot during summer, but can be cooled with a simple rinse of the hose. Easigrass also offers a unique EasiZeo infill that cools individual fibres, significantly reducing temperatures to natural levels. You could also invest in a shade cloth or awning to keep your grass cool during the hot summer months.

Trade FAQs
Do you supply to trade?

Yes. We offer a trade-and-supply service to support a range of commercial operations. We will swiftly deliver the products you need, and offer help and advice whenever you need it.

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